Falda Leather Convertible Bag in Black (MORE OPTIONS)

$110.00 $98.00

The centerpiece of this leather bag is the layering of Peruvian textiles.These colorful handwoven textiles traditionally form the border to beautiful skirts worn by Quechua woman of Cusco. The pattern of the textile is often an indicator of which pueblo a woman hails from.

The convertible bag comes with a removable leather strap that is adjustable in length so you can wear it as a shoulder/crossbody or a clutch. It has a zipper close and is lined with an ivory cotton and open access pockets inside. An adorable fringed keychain finishes off the bag. 

It measures approximately 9.5" x 6". Measurements may vary slightly from handmade bag to handmade bag. 

 Ready to ship May 1, 2019.