Huaraca Crossbody Bag in Ivory


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This small crossbody bag is made from ivory sheep's wool and is complimented by a 'huaraca' or "guaraka" which serves as this bag's super hip purse strap. The strap is a traditional handmade piece of art from Peru. Historically, in ancient times, it was used like a weapon with a stone wrapped in the middle part of the strap (it could be swung around to whack an enemy). Today it is a more peaceful instrument, being used to herd animals or as a decorative piece such as headband, belt or here, as a strap to this awesome everyday bag.

This sweet hipster bag is perfect for carrying your essentials-- phone, keys, lipstick, credit cards and money-- without the weight of a big heavy bag. Just what you need, lightweight and stylish.

It features a front pocket, a snap close, and a beautiful purple pinstriped cotton lining with a zippered inside pocket.  

Here are the measurements: 
8.25" tall
7" wide

The strap is 48" long where it attaches to the bag (not including where it is a decorative tassle)

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