Shipibo Market Bag

$18.00 $36.00

This cotton market bag is made with a beautiful shipibo cloth, a traditional hand painted textile from female artisans of the Amazon of Peru.  No two shipibos are ever alike and each one tells a story of culture, spirit and community. It is unlined, lightweight and perfect for the grocery store or the market. 

It measures approximately 14" wide x 13.25 tall

A little bit more about shipibo textiles:

-The designs are done on cotton dyed with natural plants and trees.
-They paint using bamboo sticks and crushed berry fruits that turn blue-brown-black once exposed to air. They also use cotton to embroider the distinct patterns onto the cloth.

About the patterns:

The designs and patterns are created by women after listening to songs of a shaman. Each design starts in the center (representing the physical world) and spreads out, portraying a map of the cosmos.

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