What is PresentlyIn? 

Be colorful. Be kind. Be adventurous. Be PresentlyIn. 

  • One-of-a Kind. No mass production here. We collect, design and make one textile piece at a time so that it is the only one of its kind or one of a limited small batch production. 
  • Artisanmade. Everything we design is handmade by local artisans of Peru (or beyond in South America). We believe in connecting with makers through their work for fair trade. 
  • Adventure to be shared. Wearable wanderlust and global decor that reflects the place it comes from and the people who made it by hand. Come travel alongside us as we live and travel South America. Please follow our adventure and shop news @presentlyin on Instagram. 
Who is PresentlyIn? 

I am Dana and I am presently in... Peru!  In 2015, my husband Mark and I took the leap and moved from Chicago to Lima and I absolutely fell in love with the markets and colorful textiles, the weaving traditions, and most of all the people behind them. I  partnered with skilled artisans to bring to life a philosophy of self expression and connection through textile designs that combines ancient weaving traditions with modern style. Along this journey, I have learned that there is joy and self discovery when we travel, when we connect with people from faraway places, and in turn when you create your own sense of fashion style and decorate your home sustainably.  My hope is that wherever you are, you will be PresentlyIn so that you can express what is uniquely you through color and texture, while daydreaming about this colorful wide world of ours.