Elevated boutique style from the markets of Peru & beyond

Why PresentlyIn?

Because I am presently in... Peru!  In 2015, my husband and I took the leap and moved from Chicago to Lima. I quickly learned that my favorite way to spend a day is exploring the bustling maze of markets across Peru and South America. I have absolutely fallen in love with the textiles, the colors and the idea of melding traditional artisanship with modern style. Soon after I started PresentlyIn, I realized that in addition to my love of shopping and travel, I also have a passion for designing handbags, incorporating traditional textiles into current styles.   

What is the PresentlyIn collection? 

One-of-a Kind. We collect and design one piece at a time so your purchase from PresentlyIn will often be the only one of its kind or one of a limited small batch production. 
Artisan. Everything we design is handmade by local artisans and artists of Peru (or beyond in South America). We believe in empowering artisans through their work for fair trade.
Slow Fashion. Our pieces are handmade one at a time, no mass production. Made with love and care. 
An Adventure to be shared. I love to share pictures & news regarding our adventure, travels and work at the shop and markets. Please follow @presentlyin on Instagram for photography, shop and travel news. (www.instagram.com/presentlyin)