Cinturon Hobo Bag in Black Boho


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This fabulous oversized hobo bag is over- the-shoulder slouchy, cool and bohemian awesome. The shoulder strap, is actually part of a vintage belt traditionally worn by the indigenous Quechua women of Cusco. This belt features an intricate hand-woven pattern and is approximately 40-50 years old. The detail and artistry are just beautiful. This vintage piece is incorporated into a modern style handbag. No two bags with these antique belts will be alike since each belt-turned-strap is vintage, unique and truly one-of-a-kind in design, antiguity and color. The bag features a lime green cotton lining and sky blue zipper pocket. 

This bag measures approximately:

18.5" high x 20.5" wide

This bag style can be custom ordered in differrent colors. Please email for a custom order. 

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