Frazada Convertible, Large (MORE COLORS)

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This beautiful bag is made by Peruvian artisans using a frazada rug handmade in the highlands of Cusco. Traditional frazadas are colored with natural plant dyes and are woven over the course of 1 month, on a back strap loom.  All natural, they are made with sheep's and alpaca wool.   Each one is unique and reflective of its maker/weaver. 

These bags feature an animal-friendly wristlet strap, a black interior lining, a zipper and snap close, as well as attachments for optionally adding a shoulder strap.

SHOULDER STRAPS (OPTIONAL): If you'd like to add a strap to your bag, please shop our POMS & ACCESSORIES collection to add one to your bag. 

Measures approximately 11.5" x 8". There are slight variations in size per bag. 

As with all handmade vintage items, there are sometimes "imperfections". These are what make them special, beautiful and real. Truly one of a kind.