Throw Blanket in Brown & White- Superfine Alpaca & Sheep's Wool

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This superfine alpaca and sheep's wool throw was made in Peru. This cozy soft throw in brown and white is made of hand-dyed wool. This blanket features gorgeously hand-woven soft tassles. 

Lightweight yet strong throw blanket is a great way to decorate your home-- by blending sheep's wool into alpaca, it adds more softness so you can curl up underneath it all cozy. 

Measures 64 inches x 52 inches. 

Some scoop on alpaca: 

  • Warmer than wool, cashmere, & cotton
  • Although known for their warmth, alapca throws are lightweight
  • Known for breathability, always warm & cozy, but never stifling
  • Heirloom quality, extrememly durable, will last for as long as you can cherish it
  • Alpaca fiber's microscopic air pockets regulate temperature, keeping you warm, but never hot
  • Sustainably sourced, alpaca throws come from eco-friendly, sustainable alpaca fleece

Care Instructions:

  • Overall, alpaca throws need little care. Alpaca fibers wick away moisture & do not absorb odor or dust, making them resistant to becoming soiled
  • When the need to clean your alpaca throw does arise, it is recommended to hand wash your throw with gentle, non-abrasive soap, or even baby shampoo
  • After washing, place your throw on a flat surface to dry. You can lay it on top of a towel to help absorb extra moisture
  • Never use a dryer, as heat will cause your alpaca throw to shrink

It is possible to clean your alpaca throw in the washing machine if you have a machine with adjustable settings.  If you choose to use your washing machine, you must follow these specific instructions:

  • First change the program of your washing machine to delicate
  • Set the temperature to cold. Using warm or hot wather will shrink the fibers of your throw, essentially destroying it
  • Set the spin speed to low/slow. Alpaca throws are fragile, they don't like to be heated, wrung, or spun
  • Use gentle, delicate detergent to help your throw keep its color & texture, drawing out its durability
  • Lay flat to dry - do not put in dryer! Make sure the throw is not crumpled or layered, or it won't dry properly. The more air flow, the better!

To store your throw when it is not in use, keep it away from damp or moist conditions. Perhaps consider sealing it in a plastic bag to keep away from moisture & insects.